Retail Security Services

Our Retail Security Services

Ensuring you have a robust retail security solution in place from an expert security company is an effective way to keep your stock safe from thieves and vandals whilst keeping your customers and employees safe. This is why here at Armstrong Security we have a range of retail security services and loss prevention methods to ensure you are never the victim.


VIP Bodyguard Services

Armstrong Security has been internationally recognized as being one of the most professional VIP Bodyguard Services.


Personal Bodyguard

We have high class personal bodyguards which provides exceptional security services to all type of people.


Close Protection Bodyguards

We also provide close protection bodyguards to VIP, celebrities, Diplomats and major companies as well.

A combination of an unstable economic climate, high unemployment figures and a decreased desire to work, the retail business is often an industry that becomes vulnerable. As people turn to the likes of theft and fraud to counteract the above issues unfortunately it is your business that suffers the consequences both financially and reputably. 

With only a relatively small percentage of theft resulting in criminal prosecution, it is all too easy for members of the public and even your own staff to walk away with your goods. In cases where the outcome results in a conviction you will only ever receive compensation for the cost of your stolen items so inevitably you will be out of pocket when it comes to your court fees and the loss of business it may have caused you. Our retail security services are designed with your needs in mind. We provide following retail security services:

  •  Static and Mobile Security Guards
  • Discreet Store Detectives
  • Theft Deterrence and Police Liasons
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Handling of Suspicious Individuals
  • Key Holding and Alarm Response

Providing the visual deterrence your store needs and a watchful eye over your stock, we will equip you with professional security guards or even discreet store detectives that are capable of handling and diffusing any suspicious activity and if needs be detaining any criminals until the authorities arrive. Our expert guards can assist with unbeatable CCTV means that you will also have the irrefutable evidence on hand to give you every chance of winning your case. If you want to keep your stock out of reach of thieves and keep your losses to a minimum, then invest in a name you can trust.  

Our Qualities


SIA Standards

Our security company is recognized by SIA Standards. All our services are regulated by SIA to meet the higher standards.



Customer Service

We provide higher value to our customers by giving them  an opportunity to get 24/7 of customer service.


First Aid

Our team and officers are fully trained in giving immediate first aid services in case of of any emergency.


Advance Technology

We use latest technology in order to monitor all our activities. Advance call systems and GPS tracking of guards is used for best quality.

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If you are looking to hire a security company or a bodyguard, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us 24/7 and approach our business development manager out of office hours to get a quote for your service.