Close Protection Services

Our Close Protection Services

Since being established, Armstrong Security has been internationally recognized as being one of the most professional private high-level Security Agencies in London. Because of this, Armstrong Security now also provides Close Protection Services to the Diplomats, Dignitaries, Ambassadors, international VIPs and Celebrities as well as major corporations and companies all over the London .

Armstrong Security is not a standard company with basic trained security guards, instead we are an advanced specialized Close Protection Security company. A high end provider of tactical security services comprised entirely of highly intelligent and proficient specialist trained personnel with certified tactical high level security training. Our operatives derive from some of London’s leading Government Security Agencies, Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces and specialist security organizations.

These specialist operatives and personnel together with our unequalled and indisputable experience in national and international operations allow us to perform security protection operations at all levels, from general low level security operations, family protection and corporate security protection management, to high risk international security operations, Diplomatic and Dignitary Protection, Corporate Executive Protection, Witness Protection and VIP/ Celebrity Protection.

Armstrong Security is the only private security organization of its kind in London which is genuinely capable of dealing in all serious, important high risk security protection matters involving Governments, corporations, companies and organizations. Furthermore, Armstrong Security is the only private security agency in London which assists Government Agencies both nationally and internationally in performing high level Government protection.

We protect Government ministers, officials and representatives, diplomats and dignitaries who are targeted by disgruntled individuals, protestor organizations and terrorist organizations. We protect corporate executives and directors who are now being kidnapped for ransom payments and to influence major corporate decisions. We protect celebrities, VIPs, entertainers and sporting VIPs who are being targeted by obsessed fans, stalker, over zealous media and the mentally unstable. We also protect the families of these identities who are also targeted to gain persuasive attention.

Armstrong Security provides bespoke close protection units and close protection services in London and surrounding countries. Close protection is a specialist service and we aim to provide excellence to our clients. Whether you are looking to hire a single body guard or a complete close protection unit, we can help you feel secure all the times. Please feel free to contact us to enquire about our security services.


Our Qualities


SIA Standards

Our security company is recognized by SIA Standards. All our services are regulated by SIA to meet the higher standards.



Customer Service

We provide higher value to our customers by giving them  an opportunity to get 24/7 of customer service.


First Aid

Our team and officers are fully trained in giving immediate first aid services in case of of any emergency.


Advance Technology

We use latest technology in order to monitor all our activities. Advance call systems and GPS tracking of guards is used for best quality.

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If you are looking to hire a security company or a close protection unit, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us 24/7 and approach our business development manager out of office hours to get a quote for your service.