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How to become a security guard

Monday, 19 November 2012 06:21 administrator
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How To Become A Security Guard?

Most people tend to think that if they have a big body complexion becoming a security guard may be as easy as applying for it. On the contrary, there are other   requirements that are mandatory to be accepted within a security agency staff.  And that is just the beginning, after being hired  comes the specific training that security guards will receive.

A security guard has the responsibility of watching on the site,  person or premise which has been put under his care. His duty is to make sure that no suspicious or malicious activity is done. It is mostly a preventive work, the security guard acts only when the situation goes beyond normal functioning or shows signs of strange or suspicious activity. If the security guard  finds himself in a situation which he can´t control, he will have to ask assistance to his co workers if there are any assigned to the same site or directly call the police.

To be eligible for a security guard position, there are some basic requirements that almost all agencies share. Even though they may vary, the common requisites include: being at least 18 years old, having a clean criminal record, secondary education completed, not having medical issues condition and meeting the psychological criteria according to the desirable profile, this includes not having any drug or alcohol addictions. This job is not suitable for everybody, since the individual must be able to face sensitive or risky situations involving his own and other´s lives,  being able to maintain self-control is a basic condition if you pretend to achieve higher positions in your security guard career.

There are also certain skills that will be highly valued by the security agencies when hiring new employees. If you have physical training within martial arts it can help you to be hired although you will still have to undergo the special training program of the particular agency.

Good communicative skills are important too, even though you will be trained in that aspect, natural skills will help you. A security guard needs to be able to communicate clearly and correctly with the public around and with his coworkers or police authorities.

If you have previous training and permission to  handle  firearms, this can be considered an additional preferable skill. If you don´t,  it doesn´t mean you will not have chances;  within a security guard  agency there are both armed or unarmed guards.

Some people take security guard jobs as a temporary job or complementary to another activity, and stay within the most basic security functions within an agency while others decide to make a career of it and those are the ones that will receive deeper and specialized training, such as firearms training ,   bodyguard special training, communications, or surveillance techniques. Specialized security guards can obtain highly payed jobs as they will have more sensitive responsibilities and will be consequently  undergoing more potential risks.   

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