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How Much To Pay For A Bodyguard In London

If you are thinking about hiring a bodyguard (also called close-protection officer)  and are asking yourself how much to pay for a bodyguard in London, there are a few facts you have to determine before making an offer, because those will contribute to determine what would be considered a fair rate.


You can always enquire online from a number of bodyguard agencies in London for a fair comparison and hire a bodyguard later on, process will not only save you money but lots of  time seeking for the right individual, but of course, their commission will make it more expensive. Nevertheless, you will be assuring yourself that the chosen bodyguard has the required training, experience and the suitable psychological profile for the task.

However, the majority of people still prefer to personally select and hire their bodyguards, and then have to evaluate several factors to determine how much they will be paying. In fact, the trend is to hire through an agency only when it is for a certain occasion and hire directly for regular or permanent protection services.

Bodyguards provide their services charging by the hour when it is for special occasions or events and if the services will be required several hours, you must consider hiring for the day. If you need constant bodyguard protection, on daily basis you can arrange by contract to pay a monthly salary.

The level of expertise and the professional background will modify the rate to be payed, as well as the responsibility degree of the task and the involved risk. The daily rate of a bodyguard in London can go from £ 150 when there“s a low-level of hazard involved  up to £ 350 while extremely dangerous operations performed by the most experienced professional, most of them with solid  military experience and special training, may pay up to £.1000 per day.

When hiring a bodyguards on long-term basis, the average salary is about  £ 18.000 to 20.000 yearly. As when hired by the hour or per day, this numbers vary in each case. But if it is not a highly risky case, that would be an appropriate amount.

The factor that makes the rates vary a lot  is the level of threat to the person that has to be guarded. Politicians and celebrities are considered high-risk clients and will be charged more than a lower profile citizen. A general rule is that, despite of the profession of the client, the more public his profile, the higher level of risk is involved and therefore, the costs of close-protection will be consequently more expensive.

The level of protection that you shall required needs to be tailored to the level of threat involved. This might demand an armed bodyguard which will obviously cost more than unarmed protection but please note that it is illegal to carry firearms in UK, so you wont be able to hire an armed bodyguard in London. therefore it is mandatory to perform a  thorough  previous evaluation of the level of threat and risk involved which will determine the kind of protection that is really required and those will be the determinant factors to fix an adequate close-protection rate. For this you need to discuss first with the service provider

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