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Bodyguards Duties, Responsibilities And Required Skills

A bodyguard or close-protection operative, is a person who is responsible for the security of another person or group of persons. The bodyguard has to protect his client  from all kind of threats or risks exposing himself to impending danger if that were needed.

The job may involve the use of firearms in certain geographic areas. Law of the country dictates the use of firearms in close protection industry for example: Bodyguards in UK are not legally authorized to carry firearms whereas in USA, it’s a common practice.

Of course, being physically trained is necessary, since even though most of the time the job is requires staying quiet, waiting, it may demand a fast and agile reaction. Any training in defense or martial arts are valuable and desirable skills.

This job connotes close and constant contact with the client. Discretion is a must have personal skill since the bodyguard will access to highly sensitive personal and professional information. In fact, in some cases, celebrities make their bodyguards sign a privacy protection agreement.

As we mentioned above, there will be constant contact with the client, but a professional bodyguard shall not come too intimate with the client. Getting too emotionally involved with the client, may make him loose the ability to think and react professionally under a life threatening situation. For his own sake and that of the protected person, a bodyguard needs to be able to control his temple even under the most stressful circumstances so as to decide or react properly.

Good communicative skills are valuable in this job. A bodyguard needs to be able to communicate clearly and respectfully, not only with the hiring client, but with the overall public too. Besides, sometimes his duties may involve answering the telephone and may also demand communicating with his co-workers.

A close protection operative must be an observer at the first place. He will be constantly observing the surroundings and the behavior of the people around. A good vision is a key requisite for this task. While observing, the bodyguard will have to be permanently evaluating if any behavior or circumstance may be a potential hazard for the client´s safety. Any imminent threat has to be detected on time and action shall be taken towards the client´s best protection.

Even when not performing a drivers function, a bodyguard should be a good driver in case he needed to drive his client out of a risky situation rapidly and safely. There are special courses that teach them to drive defensively in dangerous situations.

Personal protection professionals undergo regular physical and psychological evaluations. They have to be not only healthy and fit, but also some aspects of their personality need to be evaluated and assessed to ensure they maintain the rational and emotional skills that are required for accomplishing this function responsibly and as safely as possible. As in other careers, there is a certain profile that is preferred when selecting candidates.

Difficulty of the role of bodyguard depends upon the situation at hand. Bodyguards in UK  will usually be escorting clients for shopping and conferences or shows in a very stable environment, on the contrary any bodyguarding escorting a client in Iraq and Afghanistan may be under a constant life threatening situation, so ability to maintain temper and stay calm is a quality required for this occupation.

All the requisites and demanded skills in a bodyguard are meant to allow the best possible professional outcome, for the safety and protection of all involved parts and even for the circumstantial third parties.  So, bodyguard is important for any people who always try to safe his responsibilities.

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