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Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For a Security Job

As for any job interview, you need to prepare yourself before facing your interviewer. And specifically within the security field, there are some mistakes to avoid when applying for a security job. 

I think that the word that best describes what you will require to perform a satisfactory and successful security job interview is the word common sense. Utilizing it logically and smartly will allow you to avoid the most commonly made mistakes. Letīs see what we mean.

We are talking about security, and you have to think what would you seek in a person to whom you will eventually trust your personal security, or the security of a property or of an event or of certain values.

If you have criminal records or have had problems of drug or alcohol addictions, just do not go to the interview, no matter how prepared and trained you are! Common sense shall tell you that if you have criminal records for robbery you will not be the best choice for a bank security guard for instance. Or if you have drugs or alcohol related problems, you will not be the eligible person to be carrying firearms!

Common sense again...Would you choose a fierce warrior that seems to be craving for fight and loudly claim victory or would you choose a low profile individual which will be able to calmly and inadvertently observe the situation and react only if needed? It would be a big mistake if you appear to the interview with a  Rambo or Predator look with your biceps showing up from a sleeveless t-shirt! On the contrary, a sober and discrete look is how you should present yourself. Itīs an error thinking that employers need to see and evaluate your muscles, they need to evaluate your brain! Besides, they are not looking for a fight starter, on the contrary, one of the main purposes of security jobs is not only to protect but to prevent any out of the ordinary or potentially violent situation.

A person in any security position needs to exhibit a confident attitude. Do not talk too much about how nervous you are and donīt mention you couldnīt sleep the night before because you were so tense  and  even crashed your car on your way to the interview. No way! A security position requires a secure person! A close protection officer or a bank security guard for instance, might be able to handle stressful situations without losing his temple.

While you need to demonstrate that you have the interest and the skills required for the job, you must be careful not to over do it, you could easily fail in the mistake of bragging and you will be rejected, they could assume that this attitude is the same you will have at work, and discretion is a valuable skill within the security field.

Finally, do not overlook the importance of a well written and nicely presented resume and a cover letter. Bringing your different training and studies certifications is not enough, since they demonstrate what you did but not who you are.


Hire A Close Protection Operative In London

Hiring a close protection operative in London or elsewhere is a task that has to be carefully done since it can involve life threatening situations. It is not about simply opening the yellow pages and seeking for a close protection operative within your location. Such a delicate issue as personal security, is worth spending some to make the right selection.


How To Become A Security Guard?

Most people tend to think that if they have a big body complexion becoming a security guard may be as easy as applying for it. On the contrary, there are other   requirements that are mandatory to be accepted within a security agency staff.  And that is just the beginning, after being hired  comes the specific training that security guards will receive.


How Much To Pay For A Bodyguard In London

If you are thinking about hiring a bodyguard (also called close-protection officer)  and are asking yourself how much to pay for a bodyguard in London, there are a few facts you have to determine before making an offer, because those will contribute to determine what would be considered a fair rate.



Bodyguards Duties, Responsibilities And Required Skills

A bodyguard or close-protection operative, is a person who is responsible for the security of another person or group of persons. The bodyguard has to protect his client  from all kind of threats or risks exposing himself to impending danger if that were needed.